Lianne Potter

Lianne Potter

Special guest

Lianne delivers talks across the globe and is regularly published in industry publications to share her vision for a new type of holistic security function. Drawing upon her expertise as a cyber-anthropologist (through her consultancy, The Anthrosecurist), her practical experience as a security-focused software developer and in her current role as the head of Security Operations for a major UK supermarket retailer; Lianne combines the human and the technical aspects of security to evangelise a cultural security transformation.

Outside of work she is on the advisory board for a community enterprise aimed at encouraging diversity in tech and is a published author, Improv performer and podcast host.

In 2021 she won three awards: Security Leader of the Year, Woman of the Year in the Enterprise category, and’s Security Specialist of the Year for her work on human-centric approaches to security. In 2023 she won ‘Cyber Personality of the Year’ in The Real Cyber Awards. 

You can listen to Lianne talk about her human-centric approach to cybersecurity every Thursday on her podcast “Compromising Positions”, in which she interviews non-cybersecurity people from the world of anthropology, psychology and behavioural science about cybersecurity culture.

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