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Tell your friends

    How did you hear about “Smashing Security” in the first place? Chances are – because we don’t advertise – that someone told you about it. So you know what you need to do, don’t you? Spread the word! It’s probably the biggest way you can help us increase our audience.

    Tell your colleagues and friends who might be interested in checking out the podcast, and give them a good reason to tune in. Or you can post a message on social media about how much you enjoy the show, linking to an episode you think others might like.

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Buy our merch

    Okay, so yes. We do have an online store – but we don’t earn any commission from it. Nonetheless, if you wear a “Smashing Security” t-shirt to a security conference, or festoon your laptop with “Smashing Security” stickers, you are helping to publicise the show. Once again, we want you to tell people about the show – whether it be by a tweet, a conversation in the office, or you drinking out of a “Smashing Security” mug.

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    Please help support the show by donating. Donations help everyone. They help keep ads to a minimum, and help us make the podcast you love.

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Graham & Carole

Graham Cluley & Carole Theriault