Alex Eckelberry

Special guest

Alex Eckelberry is a tech CEO, board member and cyber security expert. He has had a number of roles in the industry, including being a board member for the Google-backed StopBadware; a founding board member of security leaders Knowbe4 and Malwarebytes; and chairman of the board of Runaware Holding AB.

His senior leadership experience includes President, Security Division of GFI/Teamviewer; founder and CEO of Meros (now part of DXC), the first security and monitoring company for Docker containers; CEO of Sunbelt Software (acquired by GFI/TeamViewer); executive VP of Mijenix (acquired by Ontrack); and VP and General Manager for Quarterdeck (now Symantec and WebEx). He started his career in Silicon Valley at Borland International, one of the original leaders in languages and development tools.

Alex Eckelberry has been a guest on 2 episodes.